Realistic Manifesto van Stefan Bürke

Realistic Manifesto

Realistic Manifesto

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Stefan Bürke
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An animation as an illustration of "Realistic Manifesto" by Naum Gabo and Antoine Pevsner. The "Realistic Manifesto" is one of several writings about the constructivism. The construtivism is differently defined. It is, due to the variety of different artistic positions, impossible to get a clear definition. But in short: it is an reaction of the time: the mass production, the mobility (train and car), the mass communication (invention of the radio) the growth of the city. under this circumstances the art is not a reproduction, but delivers ideas referring to everday life: a house, a poster, a chair, a city, a car,... I used own illustrations based on inventions, facts and dates which are connected with this time. The main theme is to embed “info graphics” into this time line, to get the right mixture between information and illustration. ( ->"realistic manifesto")

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