Stefan Bürke (1985)

jong talent 2009, AKI Enschede

I translated the ideas of modern art into motion graphics. With a special view on first decades of the last century i chose several art pieces as my basis.
By creating a ‘motion review’ about the artist’s concepts,
i examined to what extent these works are referring to our actual audiovisual surrounding and to what extent the present still is referring to them.

  1. Airplane Flying
  2. Rooms are Ready
  3. Realistic Manifesto

Curriculum vitae Stefan Bürke

Stefan Bürke
1985, Eschweiler
periode type institution richting diploma
2005 - 2009 kunstacademie Aki, Enschede art + crossmedia design ja
periode naam plaats solo/group omschrijving
2008 Het verleden van Nederland Museum Twentse Welle, Enschede groeps 3 min. animation about the farmer's life in twent