Claim Your Sapce 2B van Camilio van Lenteren

Claim Your Sapce 2B

Claim Your Sapce 2B

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Camilio van Lenteren
grootte (b x h):
1 cm x 1 cm
in opdracht
€ 1500

Claim Your Space 2. 600 clay bulbs, exposition space, installation. Almost the same pattern as with claim your space 1. But here, the objects are closer together. The foot with shoe is taken more into account. Now the material isn’t indestructible metal, but fragile clay. It is breakable, so the result is more destroying and irreversible. The setting was in a exposition where spectators were attracted to go into that field. Here, it is about breaking ability, irreversible disturbance. The total view is softness, other than with the metal points. It’s very pleasant to look at. The disturbance is disastrous. Your visit to the exhibition is not without consequence.

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