holes in the ground van Dorota Walentynowicz

holes in the ground

holes in the ground

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Dorota Walentynowicz
grootte (b x h):
500 cm x 200 cm
uitleen en verkoop
€ 500
€ 18

6 speakers are placed in in the ground, for each one of them one hole is dug. The sides of each hole are lined with felt, a small pile of rocks erected on its sides. The sounds coming from the speakers are: breathing, frequent sights, laughter, sneezing, and single short notes sung softly by female voices. The installation is placed in the yard of Art Academy in den Haag, a garden once green, now covered with filth and sand, with just few trees still spreading seeds onto the ground on which nothing will ever grow. Wasted fertility. “Pale beds of blowing rushes?Where no leaf blooms or blushes” (A.C. Swinburne)

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