Geluk ligt in een klein hoekje, 226 van Robert Pennekamp

Geluk ligt in een klein hoekje, 226

Geluk ligt in een klein hoekje, 226

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Robert Pennekamp
grootte (b x h):
40 cm x 50 cm
gemengde materialen
doek (katoen)
zonder lijst
uitleen en verkoop
€ 400
€ 16

Collage: Paper, Paint, Acrylic, Oil and Plastic on Canvas. A painting repaited, made into a collage with some parts of the "ROTOP" stickers. This collection is already famous with 65000 clicks on you tube. Knoepert de Poepert is the new asset and an introduction to the new series, wichick have not been exposed yet. I'am looking for a good gallery of huge nice place to show them (there are 8 new painting in size 120 * 100 cm , and some smaller ones). It a step further than cartoons or steps, it's a style between cartoon and abstract. It's also about the layers, the structure. So you can say it's 2-3 dimensional. Keywords: pink, black, sticker, survive, view, cartoon, rotop, robert, grey, hang, pennekamp, Geluk ligt in een klein hoekje

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