STIMMT van Nir N Nadler



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Nir N Nadler
grootte (b x h):
42 cm x 60 cm
informeer bij Artolive

In the summer of 2004, Nir participated in the EEA (European Exchange Academy) Beelitz, Germany. The academy’s activities coincided with the local election campaign of Brandenburg. Norbert Nadler is a fictive candidate that was invented to infiltrate the German elections. Norbert represented the image of a European politician without any ideology or political principles. The campaign carried on for a month without NN speaking any German apart from his political slogan - STIMMT with a double meaning in the local language: ’ True’ and ‘Vote’. Election posters were distributed around Brandenbrurg and articles were published in the regional newspapers such as the Potsdammer. Norbert became a friend with the mayor of Beelitz, Mr. Thomas Wardin, who formally introduced him to the public; Norbert shook hands with candidates from all parties and gave public speeches (in English). Despite the fact that Norbert has never claimed to be a politician, most people thought he had a good chance to win the elections. In samenwerking met Harry Heyink en de EEA. Artikel is te lezen in 'The Monograph' online :