miro revisited 1 van Anita Mizrahi

miro revisited 1

miro revisited 1

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Anita Mizrahi
gemengde techniek
grootte (b x h):
70 cm x 50 cm
in aluminium lijst, zonder passepartout
uitleen en verkoop
€ 475
€ 17

These prints reflect the influence of the past upon the present in a way we cannot deny. Conflicts created in the past between religions or on political and social levels are shown in these prints. The present is visible in a subtle manner as if it has not become part of us yet. History is the blueprint of our future. The legacy we create will tell the next generation of our state of mind at this moment. In this series I apply contemporary techniques. In doing so, I create the possibility to visualize the echo of the past into the present. I use a hint of realism to provoke recognition.

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