Lost In Translation van Laurine Brugman

Lost In Translation

Lost In Translation

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Laurine Brugman
gemengde techniek
grootte (b x h):
60 cm x 42 cm
fotografische afdruk
fotopapier op foam
met beschermlaag
alleen verkoop
€ 650

The subject of her illustrations are mostly women in today‘s society. The women in her drawings are sexy, stylish and strong, without showing too much skin and looking cheap. According to the artist being sexy has nothing to do with showing skin, but with class and confidence. Laurine’s work is a mix of several techniques to make her vector-based illustrations. At first she draws her vector graphics with the help of a mousepen, in a computerprogram like CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and Adobe Illustrator. After drawing every piece, she starts to make the composition and edit some of her drawings in a program like Adobe Photoshop. After it’s been edit, she exports the drawing into a VJ program to mix it with many more layers, to create more depth in the illustrations.

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