"Donnez moi un bébé singe, il sera formidable.." van Elsa Hartjesveld

"Donnez moi un bébé singe, il sera formidable.."

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Elsa Hartjesveld
grootte (b x h):
120 cm x 230 cm
alleen verkoop
€ 11500

"The portrait she painted of the Belgian singer-songwriter Stromae is the result of her admiration of the enormous talent the singer possesses. The image refers to a sentence in the song "Formidable” in which Stromae takes the role of a drunk man. The guy is dumped by his girlfriend because he can’t have children. At a certain moment in the song he says; „ and what’s wrong with you all staring at me like i was a monkey? Sure, you’re such a bunch of saints, you bunch of apes! Give me a baby monkey, he will be terrific, terrific…”. Elsa Hartjesveld: „ There is a huge tragedy in this song and i think that his great sense of compassion is not only reflected by the fact that he created this song, but also by the way he interpreted it… ".

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