Iryna Berezhko (1979)

Jong Talent 2012 - student van Willem de Kooning academie (Autonoom beeldende kunst) Rotterdam, kunstenaar

  1. Jeffree
  2. Queen of tulip fields /Shepherdess
  3. Persephone's abduction
  4. Novus Ordo Seclorum
  5. 2012
  6. Genesis
  7. Undressed up

Curriculum vitae Iryna Berezhko

Iryna Berezhko
1979, Izmail
periode type institution richting diploma
2008 - 2012 kunstacademie Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam autonoom beeldende kunst ja
periode naam plaats solo/group omschrijving
2002 New Trends, Project -02 Initiative, Garage. Transm Kiev, Oekraine groeps installation
2004 “Odessa-Paris”, Artist Union Gallery Odessa, Oekraine groeps Paintings
2006 "Infantile naivety ", Ukrainian festival of art city Guljaj Pole, Oekraine groeps Paintings
2007 Ukrainian festival of art GogolFest Kiev, Oekraine groeps Painting
2007 series of actions the Art-Raiders Odessa, Oekraine groeps Objects
2008 II Ukrainian festival of arts GogolFest Kiev, Oekraine groeps Painting
2008 The First Moscow International Young Biennale «No Moskou, Rusland groeps Tekst
2008 series of actions the Art-Raiders Odessa, Oekraine groeps Objects
2008 „Odessa-2008“ Project „Empty tunnel“ Odessa, Oekraine groeps Painting
2009 “Arts in the Dark” Rotterdam, Nederland groeps Object
2010 “Museum night” Rotterdam, Nederland groeps Paintings
2010 IV Collision arts and cultures "Sztukowanie 2010 - Gryfino, Poland groeps Drawing
2010 "Opposite" Moskou, Rusland groeps Drawing
2010 Project "John Doe" Rotterdam, Nederland groeps Painting
2011 “Upcoming” Festival “Dance and Art” Breda, Nederland groeps Painting/Drawing
2011 "Inventory" Odessa, Oekraine groeps Object
2011-2012 "YO MAMA 2.0" Rotterdam, Nederland groeps Painting, drawing, collages
2012 “Finding the elephant” Tilburg, Nederland groeps Paintings, drawings, objects
2012 Save the President Kiev, Ukraine groeps Painting/drawing with Bondero
2012 Chronicles of Transition of Mankind Amsterdam duo Paintings, drawings