Tobias Nilsson (1985)

Jong Talent 2008
Gerrit Rietveld Academie

I see my work as three-dimensional images, they are like frozen sitiuations, for example a bird craching into a window and get stuck to it in comical but also sad and morbid way. I working with these kind of visual clichés to tell stories that can seem at first look as personal but also easy to recognise for the viewer as something collective.
Exaggeration is as well important role in my work. Something that are exaggerated can make one see the familiar in a new way.
My insperation for my work comes mostly from banal situations in daily life, my own as well as others. I sometimes choose to connect my work with fairy tales but without a happy ending and thus closer to reality, one of these work look like there is a rabbit that took of his clothes (fur) after a hard working day, hanged it on a small coat hanger next to the door. But in reality the viewer knows that the rabbit will never put the fur back on again. The work becomes darker than it first appeared.

The Exam Committee comment of my beoordeling.
T. Nilsson has created a seriess of light surrealistic images, two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional, and is thus able to create a realm that awakens the viewer to the apparent banal aspects of that realm.
All the time he steps aside which results in a bittersweet imaginary reality that surrounds us. He creates risky works and wonderfull combinations.
June 2008

  1. Trofe 2007
  2. Untitled Bird
  3. Prêt a Porter nr 1
  4. Prêt a Porter nr2

Curriculum vitae Tobias Nilsson

Tobias Nilsson
1985, Lycksele, Sweden
periode type institution richting diploma
2004 - 2006 vervolgopleiding Nordic Artschool, Kokkola Finland Fine Art ja
2006 - 2008 kunstacademie Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam Fine Art ja
periode naam plaats solo/group omschrijving
2005 K. H. Renlunds Museum Kokkola, Finland groeps
2007 HES Hogeshool voor Economische Studies Amsterdam, The Netherlands groeps Rietveld at the HES
2008 MudPie presentation W139 Amsterdam, The Netherlands groeps artistic research, Lectoraat Kunst en Publ. Ruimte
2008 Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam, The Netherlands groeps Eindexam