Matilde Cabral (1979)

Jong Talent 2007, Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten

Eind Beoordeling:
Afstudeerrichting textiel en mode
Extern Deskundige 8,5
Scriptie 8,5
Toelichting op de beoordeling: Jij hebt de koppigheid van een ´echte` modeontwerper want als jij ergens voor gaat dan ge je er echt voor. Dat heb je met je eindejaarscollectie bewezen: het is een zeer professionele en persoonlijke collectie geworden. Blijf je onderzoekende en zoekende houding aanscherpen, want jij hebt talenten en kwaliteiten die een veelbelovende toekomst voorspellen. Bravo.

Mijn visie als kunstenaar:

I was born next to the sea. I’ve spent my childhood in a fisherman village, in the northern coast of Portugal. I've allways had a fascination for people’s outfits and shoes. When I was 5, I've been offered my first sewing machine. I used to sew with my grandmother after school time. We'd talk and sew the whole afternoon. When tired of sewing, grandma used to sit reading in the balcony. She soon passed this second passion on to me. She introduced me to realist literature. Few years later those many readings have opened me the doors to the law school. I was 22 when I graduated from university with a major in environmental law. Short time after I've moved to Holland looking for an internship. Once in Holland I've found myself surrounded by artists, architects and designers. It started to make sense to me that law and fashion could be close affairs. So I’ve considered giving a chance to my first passion – fashion design. Three months later I was a student at the Royal Academy of Arts. There I’ve learned to bring socio-environmental concerns into images, catwalks and photo shoots. Fashion design is at the forehead of a gigantic industry, one that employs over hundred million people around the globe, accounting for over 7% of global exports. It has the capacity to open new markets for new materials and the capacity to create awareness and fascination on the consumer side. There I’ve confirmed the idea that fashion design has an important role to play next to people and the environment, it has the capacity to enact necessary changes.

In June 2007 I’ve presented my graduation collection “BAMBOOM – Bamboo for Sustainable Fashion”.
Bamboo is an environmentally friendly alternative to water demanding and polluting fibers such as non-organic cotton (representing 52% of global textile market and 12% of world’s industrial water pollution). The production of bamboo fibers is very light in terms of pesticides and water usage. Bamboo is a fast growing grass; it gives strong, smooth and flexible fibers. In spite of these qualities, bamboo seems to have a weak image since most bamboo products are made in developing countries without awareness of the Western consumers' needs and wishes.
BAMBOOM brings out bamboo to the catwalk presenting it in different forms ranging from rigid structures to soft viscoses, jerseys and denims. The BAMBOOM collection has been designed to show the potential of bamboo in sustainable fashion.


Curriculum vitae Matilde Cabral

Matilde Cabral
1979, Porto
periode type institution richting diploma
2003 - 2007 kunstacademie Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten (KABK), Den Haag textiel en mode/modevormgeving ja
1997 - 2002 overig Law, Oporto University of Law environmental law ja
periode naam plaats solo/group omschrijving
2007 Pulchri Studio Den Haag solo
2007 Haagsekunstkring Den Haag solo
Prijzen en subsidies
periode type omschrijving
2007 overig nomination for Zoud Holand Vormgevings Prijs