Claudia Bröer

Jong Talent 2007, aki Enschede

...on the one hand, my interest in perception brings my focus of attention to the process itself, that is, to the "how" of perceiving. On the other hand, this interest also makes me concentrate on that which I am observing.
I attempt to depict this in my paintings: Some of the pictures I paint aim to show progression of time, while others represent only a single moment - either as a note that acts as a piece of a map or as a statement that follows reflection...

my images develop, similar to the way I perceive, in fragments and collages. Yet, through careful attention and empathy, I am still able to create something that is "whole" from these fragments...

these are the fast moving, countless bits and pieces of information that seem to come from everywhere, memories, intimate moments, quiet, clumsy sequences, conflicts...
I consult various disciplines in my work. What begins as a placeholder comes alive as the painting progresses; the colours, shapes, surfaces, materiality, layers, borders and transitional areas and the type of transitions...

  1. (baroque)
  2. Katharinas Gras
  3. ultramarijn
  4. Schutzstreifen (Hanni)
  5. Salzecke
  6. 2 Stück, rot und blau
  7. süßer Vogel (disco)

Curriculum vitae Claudia Bröer

Claudia Bröer
periode type institution richting diploma
2003 - 2007 kunstacademie Aki, Enschede Schilderen ja
periode naam plaats solo/group omschrijving
2007 Villa de Bank Enschede groeps Nestflüchter