Fairy Tales van Dorota Walentynowicz

Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales

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Dorota Walentynowicz
grootte (b x h):
150 cm x 120 cm
uitleen en verkoop
€ 300
€ 15

The series consists of 12 films based on selected stories from Brother’s Grimm “Tales of a Household”. It’s a collection of surprising, little known stories - most of them abounding in macabre - filled with devils, witches and saints. The characters of these tales are ordinary people who coincidentally found a passage to the supernatural world. The animation was made from photo stills, a’la mode d’un collage, combining various aesthetics, building a story from diverse images put into a sequence. The use of human figures in the animation is resembling that of mannequins. Like in ancient rites, where the human puppet was animated to control the process of the transition of a spirit to the world of its ancestors, here too the characters and objects are moved by the hand of the author – the demiurge, to illustrate the transition to the unknown, the supernatural.

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