Claim Your Space 3A van Camilio van Lenteren

Claim Your Space 3A

Claim Your Space 3A

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Camilio van Lenteren
grootte (b x h):
1 cm x 1 cm
in opdracht
€ 2000

Claim Your Space 3. Paper sheets, black paint, wall-Painting, exposition space, installation. Playing with the same themes, contexts and idea’s as in Claim Your Space 1 and 2. But here it’s more about stability and instability, high art versus low art, being or not being, to be or not to be and art critic. Square, circle and triangle are painted on the wall and are stable. These elementary forms are the building blocks in art (sculpture and Painting). Paper sheets are laid on the floor (unstable). The elementary forms are sprayed on it in opposite (reflecting) of the same form on the wall. When people walk over this floor, the sheets will shift and thereby destroying the forms in a not controllable way. The forms on the wall are a remainder of what it should be, could be, maybe. More people, more visitor’s, the more there will be destroyed.

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