"Is important", audio installation van Tania Theodorou

"Is important", audio installation

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Tania Theodorou
grootte (b x h):
1 cm x 1 cm
uitleen en verkoop
€ 1300
€ 30

My installation is created from fragments relating to interconnected themes.The codification of "truth" via language,is one of the main ones. In "Is Important" I have used a book entitled Grammar is important, made extractions, created a new book in a handmade edition of 20, and recorded the entire book narrated by Patrick Heally onto a one hour cd.This photograph is of the makeshift speaker which broedcasts the narration into the room.The narration appears as random statements, randomly timed. Its purpose is to permiate the room and punctuate the silence that emanates from the photographic works, and at the same time connect them with apparent meaning.

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