Hallway 2001

Julia Hamilton / Hallway 2001

This “Hallway” scene is derived from a real hallway. The perspective leads one through the first frame which is dark, through the bright hall to a door at the back. This door leads to a place which is covered in grass. This architectural scene is built by lines and shapes of coloured lines. The material was hung on a wall and its natural fall dictated the construction of the view. Flat lines of various thickness create recogniseable shapes and volumes: that of doors and walls and the beams that connect these. Though everything is not as it should be: the frames are crooked and the colours and shapes give a surrealistic feel. The pale yellow hallway floor seems like it is not there at all. The various coats of oil paint and pastels really play with the material. Hallway likes to be hung up or laid down flat, this is in the natural original state in which it was made. One can see how the natural crease and fall of this material adds to the concept and literally adds truth and life to the piece as a whole.
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