groeiend naar boven, 353

Robert Pennekamp / groeiend naar boven, 353

diverse materialen, polyester, hout, rubber, paspoppen, feestartikelen, hars, bindstof, stof, acryl, acrylicone, schroeven, plastic. eventueel met sokkel, wit, 30 * 30 * 125 cm, referentiecode 353 Made of several materials, it started as a human body with parts of plastic models, arms, legs, dolls, pieces from the partyshop, wood, epoxy, acrylic one and painted white all over. After I made it I realised that Hand Bellmer, a famous artist did many artworks and was obsessed with dolls. etcetra. Why I made it it is sculpture in an other direction. Better an assemblage, and started to put things together to make something out of it, what inspired me and stayed insoiring in a sort of way.
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