Lily miracle flower 4

Maja Ilic / Lily miracle flower 4

In my works, which I see as my children, I try to approach the soul and the infinity of nature and make it visual. I see nature and subjects from nature as symbols that help me understand the modalities and infinities of my daily life. Most of my works have a Latin title Latin is the basis of many languages, just as nature is the basis of our life. We are living surrounded by nature and living in nature, but this nature and these surroundings are unpredictable and surprising (ex improvisio), and endless (ad infinitum), similar to the way someone exists (modalitas). I try to express my impressions of the world, but leave it to you to discover , in a little bit of colour in the shadow of my black and white mezzotint, your own picture of this world and this life. I hope that you will be able to find your own never-ending existence, as an Alice in wonderland. That is the goal of my work. Maja ilic
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