Yingxue Constanza Sun (1980)

Graduated from Chemical Engineering and MBA study, painting remains as my passion since I was a little girl. I used to practice sketch. The simplicity of the smooth lines is a beauty in its own right. My latter love for colours was inspired by the fabulous masters of impressionism.

To me art is one of the most romantic and liberal means of human being’s endless pursue of beauty and joy. It is an ultimate test of our own creativity and tolerance. Its timelessness leaves forever prints in the human history.

I paint in both figurative and abstract styles. Inspirations come from nature, from people around me and from ancient arts. My works are sold / commissioned to various individuals in the Netherlands and America. Currently I am participating in a group exhibition held at the Dutch Ministry of Justice.

When a painting is sold, part of my commission will go to a non-profitable / charity organisation. Upon mutual agreement such organisation can also be appointed by the buyer.

Wish you all love, happiness and enjoyment in life.

Motto: Life is to enjoy.

Email: yingxuesun0618@gmail.com
Tel : 0626899598 (from the Netherlands)
0031626899598 (from outside the Netherlands)

  1. Beach
  2. Bottles
  3. Staircase & Butterflies
  4. Milk buckets
  5. Treasure Box (red)
  6. Treasure Box (blue)
  7. The East Wind
  8. Swimming pool (1)
  9. The Bull
  10. Dancer Resting
  11. Green Elephant
  12. Jonk Boat
  13. Swimming pool (2)
  14. Beautiful woman (Rosy)
  15. Beautiful woman (Yellow)
  16. Beautiful woman (Green)
  17. Beautiful woman (Dancing)
  18. Beautiful woman (Red)
  19. Beautiful woman (Red Hair)
  20. Life
  21. Beautiful woman (Blue)
  22. Thousand & One Nights (2)
  23. Thousand & One Nights (1)
  24. Thousand & One Nights (3)
  25. Coloured Nike
  26. The Rooster
  27. Roman Horses
  28. The Kingdom
  29. Tale
  30. Coloured Venus
  31. Big Horn Ram
  32. Flowers with yellow background
  33. Tibetan Birthday Girl
  34. Peony
  35. Magnolia
  36. Floating Leaves
  37. Ballet
  38. Together
  39. Flying Horse
  40. Venice
  41. The crowd
  42. De Berg
  43. Landscape Reflection
  44. Camel Out The Shadow
  45. Gelukkige Visjes

Curriculum vitae Yingxue Constanza Sun

Yingxue Constanza Sun
1980, China
periode type institution richting diploma
1995 - 1996 overig Maastricht School of Management MBA (Master of Business Administration) ja
1987 - 1991 overig DaLian University of Technology, China Bachelor in Sc. - Chemical Engineering ja
periode naam plaats solo/group omschrijving
2002 Ministerie van Justitie Den Haag groeps
Aankopen en opdrachten
periode naam plaats aankoop/opdracht type
Since 2000 Various individuals The Netherlands / America aankoop particulier
Since 2000 Various individuals The Netherlands / America opdracht particulier
periode naam plaats type
2002 A Summer Day Rotterdam initiatief
2001 Flying Horse Rotterdam initiatief
2001 Beautiful woman (dancing) Rotterdam initiatief
2002 Treasure Box (red) Rotterdam initiatief