Edskea Verhoeff

digital paintings, video jockey, graphic design

ED (Edskea Verhoeff)
Born in October ’71 in Soest as second child out of three. Ed grew up in the fairytale surroundings of the forest. She was raised in an intellectual environment where her eurch to create already started at a young age.
After the teacher school Ed decided to take her chances at the art academy Rietveld in Amsterdam, she finished her first year with success and than finished the academy of the Hague with success. Her work has been described as “exceptional energizing”, you can find her work in galleries, clubs and on T-shirt’s. Lately Ed designed specially for Sony a canvas that has been created out of video stills(digital manipulated photographicall layers) as theme to hear to see and to be silent.
The Works are mainly autobiographical. Her own experiences are part of the Works in which humor plays an important part. She experiences humor as a relativity.

  1. love
  2. black kiss
  3. apple
  4. animus
  5. venster
  6. vlkswgnmts
  7. pepper
  8. wine
  9. papa
  10. soldaat
  11. slakkie
  12. geis
  13. birdies
  14. virtual paradise
  15. virtual explosion
  16. virtual fire
  17. virtual aquarium
  18. virtual explosion