Michela Pelusio (1970)

Jong Talent 2006, KABK

Michela is an installation and performance artist. Graduated at the academy of Carrara with honors, she just finished the MA ArtScience at the KABK. She has been most inspired by Anish Kapour, James Turell, and Olafur Eliasson and has done dramatic, mythic performances as well as site-specific installations and sculptures. Her latest works are electronic, kinetic installations, inspired by the interaction between science and art, image and sound.

The grade for my MA examination work "inspired" was a 9.

  1. Inspired
  2. Flux
  3. Lightspeaker
  4. Lightspeaker 2

Curriculum vitae Michela Pelusio

Michela Pelusio
1970, Viareggio, Italia
periode type institution richting diploma
2004 - 2006 kunstacademie Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten (KABK), Den Haag MA ArtScience ja
1996 - 2000 kunstacademie Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara, Italia BA Sculpture ja
periode naam plaats solo/group omschrijving
2006 Lightspeaker, at the Biennale di Carrara Carrara, Italy groeps Ligthspeaker in marble.
2006 Inspired, at rooftop KABK building Den Haag, The Netherlands solo Lightspeaker in wall, and aeolian strings on roof.
2004 Bucchero, for the Sculpture Symposium of Condrieu Condrieu, France groeps Amphora in wood 2m.
2003 Paese delle Meraviglie for Koine Terriciola, Italy groeps Sound-light installation in Etruscan tomb.
2002 Passage, in Musee de l'Orangerie Roissy, France groeps Geometric installation, with mirror sphere.
2001 Legame, in Galleria Pinacoteca Volterra, Italia groeps Photo printed on cow leather.
2000 Porpora, in the park Iqbal Mazi Viareggio,Italy solo Mythic performance, weaving purple through white.
2000 Nenia, at Sarajevska Zima, Sarajevo Winterfestival Sarajevo, Bosnia groeps in bombed powerplant, invited by Ibrahim Spahic
1999 Moonshine, Sunbound, Nine Dragon Heads 99 Galma-dong, Daejeon, S.Korea groeps Open-air Installation and Performance.
Aankopen en opdrachten
periode naam plaats aankoop/opdracht type
2005 Flux Aubazine, France aankoop overheid
2005 Magia Naturalis Cetica, Casentino, Italy aankoop bedrijf
Prijzen en subsidies
periode type omschrijving
2001 prijs Mobility prize 'Movin up', by GAI, Italy
1996 prijs Premio Italia, Arti Visivi, XI edizione
periode omschrijving
2006 -> Organization of Arteorema 2007, an Art and Science festival to be held in Kroton, Italy
2006 Performing for Chatherine Richard’s piece in Tent, Rotterdam
2006 Electro-magnetic Bodies Workshop, by V2 Institute for Unstable Media, Rotterdam
2006 -> Paraphonie Laboratorium of Marc van Tongeren
2006 The Great Learning paragraph 2 and 5 (C. Cardew), by Wim T. Schippers, Muziekgebow Amsterdam
2005 Workshop Scolpito (joint KABK and Academy of Fine arts in Foggia), Foggia, Italy
2004 Art Director of the Film Termae 2'40'', by C. Filippella, production CineCitta, Roma
2000 - 2002 Sculpture Teacher, Versilia, Italy