Jasper Smit

I ask myself about the amount of inconsistency that defines the borders between the absurd and the scientific.

All borders, limits, and definitions are gradual. The apparent hardness of some definitions flows from a sometimes conscious limit set to the degree to which we are willing to specify this definition.

All sound, image, scent and sensation can be systemized to become meaningfull. All human consciousness and experience is a language in potentia. Language grows meaningful in relation to other language.

The shape of a language influences the realm of things that can possibly be expressed. The system of written language forms a limit to it's uses. Therein lies a justification of art.

All ideas are utopic, and thus bound to be false.

The tendency of a system to protect itself, rather then to protect it's relation with what it seeks to describe, should be regarded with wary eyes.

All information is physical, but it seems reasonable to assume that the invisible and unmeasurable are in quantity dominant to the visible. This puts strain on the reasonableness of reason and forms a defence of all irrationality

We make microscopic progress in an infinite desert. Progress it might not be, yet progress we must call it.

All things are in a state of constant resonance. To seek understanding will make, and already has made, us totaly and completely insane.

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Curriculum vitae Jasper Smit

Jasper Smit
periode type institution richting diploma
2001 - 2006 kunstacademie Academie Minerva, Groningen ABK/MEDIAKUNST ja