Tadaaki Narita

When I was ten years old, I went to the circus. There I saw the snake woman show
which was as follows: there was a woman with very long hair and pale skin, looking
perfectly normal but for the fact that she was in a cage. She started to move, at first
only her tongue, very slowly. A clown threw her a hen and with a sudden flash of a
movement, she caught the hen. She began to eat it without using her hands, her
mouth becoming stained with blood. This was terribly scary for a kid, but I was
fascinated by her. After the show, I followed her at a distance back to her shack where
I saw her talking on the telephone, looking sad. The contrast between her previous
appearance as a snake woman, and this daily reality, made a huge impression on me.
The image has stayed with me and remains central to my work in which I attempt to
explore the contrast between the spectacular surface of entertainment, and the reality
and pathos of its underlying structures.


Curriculum vitae Tadaaki Narita

Tadaaki Narita
periode type institution richting diploma
1999 - 2003 kunstacademie Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam keramiek ja
periode naam plaats solo/group omschrijving
2003 De Grote Verbeelding Grote Kerk Den Haag groeps
2003 Freud Flood Fluoride Gerrit Rietveld Academie groeps eindexamenexpositie
2000 VIER DE KUNST VLAAI 4 Westergasfabriek Amsterdam groeps
2000 The Magic of gold De Nederlandsche Bank Amsterda groeps
2000 Dubbel Japan Sandberg 2 Mariakapel Hoorn groeps
2000 Duin en Bosch het 90-jarig bestaan Duin en Bosch Castricum groeps
1999 Floating time Den Bosch groeps
1999 Park of future Westergasfabriek Amsterdam groeps
periode omschrijving
Rotterdam 2002 stage The monument for Marten Toonder
Droog Design Collection 2003 Lucky Cat (musical ceramic pinball machine)