Jan Willem Ploegers (1983)

Jan-Willem Ploegers is an artist who studied photography at de Willem de
Kooning academy in Rotterdam. Photography is the base of his work, but he
is always looking for ways to think beyond the photographic traditions of
presenting one's photos.

His personal work deals mainly with the great and wonderful history of the world. By using themes like religion, art history, mythology, esoteric and occult thinking he looks for universal truths and forgotten lessons from the past that we could apply in our present times.

He likes to hide his findings and stories with layers of humour, nudity and seemingly random craziness. This to put the viewer on the wrong track and not give away the whole story. He does this to allow the viewer to start his own search in the wonderful world that is waiting for us out there.

  1. My Venus
  2. Virgines Solis
  3. Mare Mercurii
  4. Aqua Regia
  5. Nox Saturni
  6. As Above So Net Niet Below
  7. Jeroen Bosch nr1
  8. Jeroen Bosch nr4
  9. Angry Cyclops

Curriculum vitae Jan Willem Ploegers

Jan Willem Ploegers
1983, zevenbergen
periode type institution richting diploma
2009 - 2013 kunstacademie Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam Fotografie ja
periode naam plaats solo/group omschrijving
2012 Idea Rotterdam groeps Kunstenaars initiatief
2012 Iets voor de zomer Rotterdam groeps Kunstenaars initiatief
2013 Eindexamen expositie Rotterdam groeps Eindexamen expo
2013 New New Gods Dordrecht groeps Selectie new talent door Stichting beeldende kunst