Christian Arntz

jong Talent 2008, AKI Academie voor beeldende kunsten Enschede

There is an early period in everybodys life, usually the childhood, sometimes the early youth as well, where everything seemed to be vague, although the memories might approach pretty clear. A certain mystery lies within those memories. And then you start to think. Thats at least what I did. And then even the memories were not as clear anymore as they used to be. The quintessence of this phenomen: something must have changed. I changed, and in me my history. It is not the fact, that only I changed and developt, that makes the whole story so interresting, but that everyone changes. Everyone
forms individual truth, with own ideas of values and idealisms. And all these truths are colliding every day. They generate situations and konfrontations among each other constantly. The perception of impartial space and the following transmissoin and translation into subjective truth is a delicate process.
It is this process in all its shapes and details, which keeps me creating my work and never lets me stop thinking about it.