Jelena Opacic (1985)

"Jong Talent 2008, KABK"

About my work:
I build up the scenery, perform in it, then I take photograph of it, and repaint it in Photoshop. Thus, my work is an image, which is between the photograph and painting.
The size of the work is not fixed and it can change depending of the space where the work is presented.
The images appear in the frame that we can read as a specific feminine, in cult-urological way. Sometimes, it is eccentric, provocative and erotic, and it is issuing out the women carnality, bodies specifics and feministic contents.
My recent work is personal kind of research about female body in the relationship with her surrounding. I utilize the female body to develop my own self-knowledge and not some representative but generic model of the world. I use my own body as a model to investigate my own vision and not another’s vision of my body. I employ my body to initiate a dialog with myself. The body is placed in a setting which is the most of the time at the limits of our experience, presenting it as a symbol of receptivity. The body is in a space both formally and psychologically. The environment becomes a meeting place between me and the rest of the world, a communicative model in which information about my experience is presented and reflected upon. It is the aesthetic investigation in questioning the relation between figure and the background, which bring up an ethical question: What is the nature of the distance between my body and the world? Why can’t the body-not only the body as a subject, but the very social body- free itself?

Endexam result: teachers:8, jury: first price for visual art department.

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