Yehudit Mizrahi

'Jong Talent 2008' Rietveld Academy

I believe an art work can be a micro-cosmos - reflecting the world and creating a new one. I see it as a form of communication that provides us with safe grounds to question, explore and understand our selves and the society we live in; that is valid for spectators as well as for makers. I see art as a platform to debate on and learn with, a chance to evoke new life outside the routine of life.

In my work I mainly intermingle technology, sound and movement. I am intrigued by an abstract idea and during the creative process searching for the suitable way to execute it. Untill now, I worked on sculptures, interactive sound installations, performances, textile, moving image, poetry, kinetic art and jewellery, while my fascination is to dissolve the boundaries between these art forms.

Maarten de Reus, Chairman of committee wrote;

With this letter I reflect on the work Yehudith Mizrahi made for her graduation show at the Rietveld Academy in the summer of 2008.

Yehudit’s project is exactly in the middle of three worlds: Music, Dance and Sculpture. Music and Dance were her background when she started studying at the Rietveld academy, Sculpture became her ambition. Her end-exam piece is a perfect merger of the three. One could say that Music is the animation of materials: objects and things start to reverberate and swing; from strings to reeds, from the skin of a drum to a vocal chord. Dance is the animation of the body, the choreography beyond the practical chores of instrumental movements. The end exam installation of Yehudit is a room full of animated objects, ordinary and well knows objects, but they are alive, they move, open and close, turn, rattle, breathe, whistle, sigh and heave. It is interactive too, the simple choreography of a visitor moving around this room makes the various objects react and come alive. With this, the work touches on the very first functions of sculpture; that of the fetish, the totem, the animation of inanimate, the mediation between dead things and living things. In the hands of Yehudit sculptures become musical instruments, music becomes a choreography of furniture, and an ordinary room becomes a magical place...

Maarten de Reus
Chairman of committee
teacher Audio Visual Department
Gerrit Rietveld Academy
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  2. IF GRANDMA HAD WHEELS...LadenKast(front)

Curriculum vitae Yehudit Mizrahi

Yehudit Mizrahi
periode type institution richting diploma
2005 - 2008 kunstacademie Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam Audio Visual ja
2007 - 2007 kunstacademie Theatre School, AHK Guest-student in the SNDO ja
2003 - 2005 kunstacademie Koninklijk Conservatorium, Den Haag. Sonology external course n.v.t.
2002 - 2003 overig SAE-Technology College, amsterdam Music Production course ja
periode naam plaats solo/group omschrijving
12/2007-3/2008 Radio Berale Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam groeps experimental audio visual installation
10/2006 Waterproof Skin 2 Red Light District solo Physical installation in a window.
periode omschrijving
2007-2008 Member of the band Toyfish Trap.
2007 THE REJECTION DRESS,Textile made out of various rejection letters and was mentioned in the NRC.
12/2007 THE TOILET PROJECT, Sound installation in the toilet of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.
2006 FICO LE MÉCANICHIEN One minute movie, nominated for the One Minute Award of the Sandberg Institute
2005-2006 WATERPROOF SKIN,A serial work which deals with the sensorial system
2006 Theater Music instalation, OBNAZENI festival,Czech Republic.
2005 BUTTERFLY,Sarcastic video clip on the song ‘butterfly’ by Lenny Kravitz
2005 HOW TO USE THE DIAL PHONE, Sound design assignment for a silent telephone commercial
2005 Composing the music theater installation ‘THE INVISIBLE’, Gymzaal Project, Rietveld Academie.
2004 Sound designer of ‘MY NAME IS M’- a research project in a form of video dance.
2004 Performing in ‘MAXWELL DEMON’ structured improvisation by the composer Walter Fabeck (UK)
2004 Composing the music for the dance piece ‘I HAVE A DEAD DONKEY IN MY BACK TRUNK’,DWA ,Amsterdam
2003 DE OVERSLAG, Performing in experimental music festival Eindhoven
2002-2003 Establishing & leading the WhatEver Band- a performing sound research, TVAK, Amsterdam
2002 Broadcaster of the feminist radio program, RADIO PATAPOE, 97.2 FM, Amsterdam
10/2006 ‘THE SECOND CAST OF THE BLACK SWAN’, Muiderpoorttheater, Amsterdam
7/2005 ‘PINOKIO, WAIT A SECOND’, Dance Shorts, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
6/2005 ‘METAMORPHOSE’ in a collaboration with the composer Josef Robber, Korzo Theatre
2004 ‘I HAVE A DEAD DONKEY IN MY BACK TRUNK’– Choreographic collaboration, DWA, Amsterdam