Laura Reiman (1981)

Jong Talent 2008, Rietveld Amsterdam.
While studying cultural anthropology I became more and more fascinated by the visual aspect of other cultures. The imagery of these 'other places' comes across as being almost abstract in some cases, because we are not too familiar with what we are seeing. There is certainly a world of meening attached to the image, though we are more absorbed by the strangeness of the image itself.

I have started to apply this way of looking to other types of imagery as well. I still use anthoroplogical/ documentary images as a source for my paintings, but I also use news images, family pictures, or images from my direct surroundings. The combination of these themes makes up new stories, with a totally new context, that is mostly based on association rather than meaning.

There is a continuous dialoge going on between the paintings themselves, in relation to each other, and the source material they come from. In that sense they are never finished. I see my paintings as a continuing storieboard that keeps generating new meaning over time, rather than independent works of art.

  1. Narayansi
  2. Narayansi
  3. news flash
  4. news flash II
  5. bata
  6. altar edan
  7. bembe
  8. Yolanda
  9. pareja
  10. flowers
  11. chair
  12. Mamissi Kokoe
  13. self portrait 2
  14. dressing room
  15. sunlight

Curriculum vitae Laura Reiman

Laura Reiman
1981, Amsterdam
periode type institution richting diploma
2002 - 2004 overig Culture antropologie visuele antropologie nee
2004 - 2008 kunstacademie Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam Beeldende Kunst ja
periode naam plaats solo/group omschrijving
juni 2008 Eindexamen Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam groeps
september 2008 Art Olive Jong Talent Amsterdam groeps Art Olive Jong Talent
mei 2010 Rotterdam groeps
mei/ juni 2010 Griffioen Amsterdam solo cultuurcentrum VU
juli/augustus 2010 Walls Amsterdam groeps Walls galerie
april 2011 MLA Galerie Amsterdam duo Morfosis
oktober/november 2011 LWW GALERIE Amsterdam solo Tussen Tijd
Aankopen en opdrachten
periode naam plaats aankoop/opdracht type
2006 Canal Bus Amsterdam opdracht bedrijf
2007 F. van Groningen Amsterdam aankoop particulier
2008 Gert Jan v Rooij Amsterdam aankoop bedrijf
2010 Irene van Meekren Amsterdam aankoop particulier
periode omschrijving
februari - mei 2008 workshops beeldende kunst voor Broedplaats project Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam
01/2010 - 03/ 2010 Intercultural Cinema Project Breakfast Lunch Dinner