Petra van Noort

Petra van Noort is mostly known for her murals and installations painted in bold colors and black dripping lines. The subject matter of her work is a mixture of current social themes, the daily news and the constant flow of imagery uploaded to the internet by people around the world. Recently she started drawing on transparent plastic sheets to which different materials and several layers of paper and textile are added. These collage-like pieces show a more subtle way of working in contrast to her large and intense murals and installations. Petra's studio is located in the artist-run initiative SingerSweatShop in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

  1. Like Me (Art Olive)
  2. Like Me (Stroom Aanmoedigingsprijs)
  3. Seagulls
  4. Daddy touched...
  5. Boy
  6. Circus
  7. The bee and the reindeer
  8. Class

Curriculum vitae Petra van Noort

Petra van Noort
periode type institution richting diploma
2003 - 2007 kunstacademie Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten (KABK), Den Haag Beeldende Kunst, 3D ja
periode naam plaats solo/group omschrijving
2007 Art Olive Jong Talent Award Amsterdam groeps
2007 Whatever happend to... Den Haag groeps Winnaars Stroom Aanmoedigingsprijs
2007 Kunststad Amsterdam groeps
2007 Odysseus Den Haag groeps schildering nav theaterstuk van De Appel
2008 SingerSweatShop Rotterdam groeps
2009 Trendbeheer presenteert Version Chicago (USA) groeps
2005 Den Haag Sculptuur Den Haag groeps buitententoonstelling op het Lange Voorhout
2009 Daddy touched... Rotterdam groeps
2009 Granddad... Rotterdam groeps
2009 Trendbeheer presenteert Proximity Chicago (USA) groeps
Prijzen en subsidies
periode type omschrijving
2007 prijs Stroom Aanmoedigingsprijs
2008 stipendium Start Stipendium BKVB