cees de vries

zeeschilder C.A. de Vries, born in Alkmaar (The Netherlands) in 1940, is the offspring of a shipping family going back several generations. He paints his ships as the seaman think they should be portrayed: with great attention to detail and comparative proportion. His ships truly seem to be carried by the waters they sail on.

Whenever de Vries starts work on a painting, he will
first examine the lining plan of a ship before starting to photograph and sketch her ‘True To Life’. The result is a personal Ships Portrait.
His seas are alive in all her moods, clear and calm or mysterious and furiously wild. His magnificently painted ships are always a part of such captured scenes.

His first exhibition dates back to 1976 and all major
Dutch Maritime Museums have his work in their collection. On the bottom you can view the unique collection, currently offered exclusively by Poseidon BV.

The original measure of the paintings is approximately 20 x 28 inches (approx. 50 x 70 cm) Pricing information can be found on our pricespage