Laila Sahrai (1975)

'Jong Talent 2007 _ ArtEZ AKI Enschede'__________

Since seven years I'm looking for the truth, - provoked by cultural diversities. Meanwhile I am aware of the fact that truth has many faces. Every time when I thought that I had found one I was immediately confronted with the opposite. But it doesn't mean that the opposite is a lie! No, it's "only" the reality. It neither means that the reality is the truth. But the truth, which I thought that I had found, seemed also wrong - somehow.
Sounds paradox, absurd, I'm confused.
So what is the truth?
It must be something in-between. But this "in-between" doesn't seem to have a form. It appears like a hole, a gap, an emptiness - and I accept the challenge to fill it. My only implements are my brushes, paints and drawing tools. In my works I'm trying to build "intertruthal" bridges and find an order in the's a fight for my own freedom......
do mistakes exist anyway? Aren't they just chimeras of people who don't see the truth or who are just too weak to face it?............. a pretty sensitive theme which is screaming for a composition.....

  1. Traum 2
  2. zonder titel
  3. zonder titel
  4. o.T.
  5. zonder titel
  6. redeformiert
  7. o.T.
  8. Traum
  9. still aura
  10. o.T.
  11. z.T. (Zeichenstudie nach Da Vinci)
  12. dei sculpturali
  13. melancholische Blume
  14. Tropfen zählen
  15. zonder titel
  16. Swana
  17. Wahnsinnige
  18. der bunte Papagei
  19. Wahnsinniger
  20. o.T.
  21. der Spiegelzweig
  22. green tongues don
  23. todzuliebe
  24. zonder titel
  25. zonder titel
  26. death-pain-chaos-love!
  27. Melancholia
  28. innocent soldier
  29. Anders Welt
  30. zonder titel
  31. kirschbaum
  32. z.t.
  33. die Hochzeitsblume
  34. zonder titel
  35. verschleiert
  36. freedom
  37. zonder titel
  38. reflex
  39. o.T.
  40. o.T.
  41. Verstrickt oder Amore contra Psycho
  42. o.T.
  43. Dung & Peter
  44. ullina
  45. muave
  46. moon or balloon...?
  47. too much head is a lot to loose

Curriculum vitae Laila Sahrai

Laila Sahrai
1975, Kabul / Afghanistan
periode type institution richting diploma
1997 - 1998 overig Münster, Duitsland technisch tekenaar nee
1998 - 1999 overig Städtische Bühnen - Münster, Duitsland decoorontwerp (stage) n.v.t.
1999 - 2001 vervolgopleiding Schauspiel Leipzig - Leipzig, Duitsland kostuum- en decoorontwerp ja
2002 - 2007 kunstacademie Aki, Enschede Autonome Beeldende Kunst ja
periode naam plaats solo/group omschrijving
2000 Café Bamyan Leipzig, Duitsland duo Baumwollspinnerei, Plagwitz
2002 Benefizausstellung München, Duitsland groeps Muffathalle
2007 AKI - Eindexamen Enschede, Nederland groeps AKI gebouw
2008 "Wahn, Sinn oder Dazwischen?" Münster, Duitsland solo Ausländerbeirat, Stadthaus Münster
2008 "Habseligkeit" Leipzig (D) groeps 24-Stunden-Asstellung
2009 "Wahn, Sinn oder Dazwischen" Gladenbach solo
2009 Leipzig duo guggsdugud
2010 "Frau Natur" Münster-Hiltrup solo