Nature is at the centre of the entire work. A passion of Angel is travelling all over the world. Deserts, high mountains and coral-reefs represent scents, sounds and thousand colours...
Frequent ramblings are a neverending source of inspiration, with eye-catching features.

'I do like to paint by intuition and in bright colours. I cannot work in grey colours.'

A silent landscape suddenly becomes the medium through which a turbulent and passionate storm makes its way through. The colourful impressions never fail to exude an atmosphere of warmth and emotion. Sometimes this work reminds the viewer of the birth of stars and planets, because of the used colours.

Little accents in gold and silver add more life to the paintings of Angel. Artwork that find its way to collectors and companies. This work can be skilfully translated into a limited series of Silkscreen-prints or Artprints. An appropiate gift for a highly valued business associate...

  1. 'Rainforest'
  2. Autumn
  3. Spring
  4. Purple
  5. Red
  6. White
  7. Blue
  8. Big Sun
  9. Dolphins Dance
  10. Birth of Mars
  11. Mother Earth
  12. Storm in the Desert