Peter Meijer (1953)

For Peter Meijer the challenge is always the same: to create an equivalent in image, form and colour for the emotions and impressions which everyday reality summons up in him.
The conflict between the individual act of painting and the fickle, banal community invokes a restlessness which Meijer transmutes into images, which in turn evoke the same vehemence and emotions as life itself. His paintings are built up of colour fields and lines on a white ground.
The ground often remains visible and gives the painting depth and relief. The act of painting is an intuitive unpremeditated process which exploits the collective experience of all his previous work.

  1. NewYork, Manhattan
  2. Amsterdam, de Dam
  3. Amsterdam, de Dam

Curriculum vitae Peter Meijer

Peter Meijer
1953, Zeist
periode type institution richting diploma
1974 - 1979 kunstacademie Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (HKA), Arnhem MO A en B tekenen ja
periode naam plaats solo/group omschrijving
1988 - 1990 Frank Bustamante gallery New York solo
1988 Seasons gallerries Den Haag solo
1985 Barcelona International Artfair Barcelona groeps
1987 galerie Anderwereld Groningen solo
1985 - 2006 galerie Ann's Art Groningen solo
1980 - 1988 galerie Wiek XX Groningen solo
1985 - 1990 galerie Nieuwe weg Doorn solo
1985 - 2006 galerie IQ Zwolle solo
2002 - 2006 galerie Sous-terre Lithoyen solo
1990 - 2006 galerie Art Yard Haarlem solo
1990 - 2006 galerie AZKunstprojecten nieuw Beijerland solo
1990 galerie 't Everhuyse Antwerpen solo