D'Este Hanson (1968)

I was born in the United States in 1968. After many years living in New York and London, I
moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 2007, where I currently reside.

I received my BFA in Painting from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY in 1990. In 1996, I
received my MFA in Computer Graphics and Interactive Media from Pratt Institute in New
York. I went on to work in digital media and advertising in New York, London and

While in London, I also began working as an artist. In 2003, I completed an artist's residency
and won an award for Best of Show at the London Art Fair in 2004.

Over the last few years, I have been working with digital photography. Inspired by the
Dutch still life paintings of flowers from the 17th century, I am exploring traditional ideas
of still life combined with a modern perspective.

The prints come unframed on archival quality photographic paper with a satin finish. The photographs vary somewhat in width but are available in two sizes: W30-35cm x H40 cm or W45-50cm x H60cm.

30-35cm x 40 cm prints are €150
45-50cm x 60 cm prints are €250

  1. Arrangement 1
  2. Arrangement 2
  3. Arrangement 3
  4. Arrangement 4
  5. Arrangement 5
  6. Arrangement 6
  7. Arrangement 7
  8. Arrangement 8
  9. Arrangement 10
  10. Arrangement 11
  11. Arrangement 12
  12. Arrangement 13
  13. Blue Flowers
  14. Delphinium and Onion Flower
  15. Wild Flowers
  16. Peonies
  17. End Of Summer I
  18. End Of Summer II
  19. Queen Anne's Lace with Onion Flower
  20. Tiger Lily
  21. Pink and Blue Flowers with Queen Anne's Lace
  22. Arch
  23. Bird of Paradise
  24. Summer
  25. Summer Arrangement